Therapeutic Horsemanship

The Therapeutic Horsemanship program includes equine oriented activities tailored to the individual student’s needs. The focus is on unmounted activities, but may lead up to mounted activities. This program is designed to build confidence, leadership, horse knowledge, and improve social interaction. Students participate in the program in private or group settings. Students may progress to Therapeutic Horseback Riding if they desire.

Skills taught may include:

  • Safety awareness –Learn to read the horse – calmness, warning signs
  • Horse Basics – Learn the basics about horses – identify parts of the horse, colors, function
  • Horse senses – Understand how the horse sees the world – vision (blind spots), fight or flight response
  • Horse care –Learn proper care techniques – grooming, tacking
  • Tack – Learn the different types of tack – saddles, bridles, bits, reins, etc.
  • Equine Management – Learn barn management – feeding/nutrition, stable management
  • Horse Handling – Learn how work with the horse –how to approach, halter, lead, tie